andrea noel mircoblading 

Lift those lashes with the fabulous Andrea Noel.


The talented Andrea Noel offers microblading, microshading and combination brows within the salon. Trained in London by Sandra Opul (1st Place Winner of Signature Brows World Championship 2017) she will make you fall back in love with your eyebrows.

Microblading is a treatment in which a custom pair of brows is created for each individual client. Small hair-like strokes are placed very intricately to create the illusion of full brows. Although each client varies when it comes to healing and retention, regular top-ups are usually suggested every 6-18 months.

The first step of your brow journey will be a consultation at the salon. During the consultation we look at your brows and talk about your “brow goals” and answer any questions you may have. We discuss the procedure and the do’s and don’ts before and after the procedure. We perform a patch test and go through the medical questionnaire together. We then take pictures of your current bare brows and plan your fantastic new brows. It is then your decision if you would like to proceed.

The next appointment is where we build the foundation of your brows. We map your brows and choose a pigment colour that best suits you. We use a topical numbing agent on the brow map for 30 mins to ensure that you do not feel any discomfort and then use the special one-use microblading tool to create the skeleton of the brows. These are the bottom and top strokes and this skeleton secures the shape of the brows. We then apply a pigment mask to the brows and add a different anaesthetic. This process is repeated until your brows are perfectly shaped. Please note that following our healing aftercare advice is essential for a good result.

Finally, we have the perfecting appointment where we continue the process to create the perfect eyebrows. We use this to go bolder, fuller, or just fill any gaps that may have occurred during the healing process and use shading to create balance. Although some practitioners charge more for shading, we do not. We do not let brows leave that we are not completely happy with.

£250: Consultation, initial appointment, perfecting appointment and shading if required.

£150: 6 – 12 months top up.

£200: 12 – 18 months top up.

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