The treatment is so ahead of the game. A complete game changer. Who doesn’t want to wake up to perfect even skin?
Using a microneedling pen I create micro traumas to stimulate the natural healing response. This generates new collagen and elastin to make the skin firmer, smoother, toned, and plump.
Microneedling improves skin’s texture, fine lines, wrinkles, pigment issues, acne scars, stretch marks and loose skin.
This also shrinks pore size and increases the amount of product your skin absorbs.
Microneedling decreases your skins oil production resulting in fewer blackheads and improved acne.
As you can see Microneedling is the answer to all skin related issues.
1 session £100
2 sessions £200
3 sessions £275

BB Glow
BB Glow is a microneedling procedure that uses an all natural tinted serum to create a natural glow. It looks as if you are wearing BB cream at all times! With all the benefits of microneedling plus colour
You will notice a difference right away. It is however a progressive treatment as the results get better each appointment. To get the most out of your results I would recommend a series of 3 treatments for results that last at least 6 months.
Every microneedling & bb glow treatment includes a medical grade Clinicare mask and light therapy.
1 session £100
2 sessions £200
3 sessions £275



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