Discover your perfect brow shape at Iconic! At Iconic we love eyebrow waxing, we know it is a quicker and longer-term solution to plucking (ouch)! But every wax session is different, because each face shape and eyebrows are unique.

So, which one is right for you? We can help you to find the perfect brow for you for your next wax. So how do you find your most flattering brow shape? Well, there are six basic face shapes: oval, oblong (or rectangle), round, square, heart, and diamond.

And we know that different eyebrow shapes flatter different face shapes. With the right brow, you can really bring out your best features!


This curved eyebrow has a higher, more defined angle. This brow shape helps draw the eye up and down and so it works well for a round-shaped face as it lengthens the face slightly. This is also a great option for a square-shaped face as it creates balance for a square jawline.


A straight brow is – you guessed it – a brow that is almost completely horizontal. This brow is a great option if you want to make the face appear shorter. This is because it does not draw attention to the positioning of the eyes. The straight brow is ideal for the oblong face shape.


This curved eyebrow has a higher, more defined angle. This brow shape creates balance for a square jawline, which is a great option for a more square-shaped face. The strong brow shape balances out a strong jaw line on the bottom of the face. A little tip: the stronger the jaw, the more definition required in the peak. It is also a great option for a round face, as it helps draw the eye up and down and lengthens it.


The s-shaped brow starts with a low arch on a curved brow, adding more volume and length. This type of brow will add more length to a forehead and balance out a pointy chin. This is the perfect shape of brow for people with a more heart-shaped face! It flatters and balances a sharper jaw whilst adding dimension to the forehead.


A soft-angled brow has a softer arch with more of a gentle curve at the top to create a more rounded and less angular brow shape. This gentle brow shape does very little to accentuate any of the features of the face and so it is ideal for the neutral oval face shape.


he rounded eyebrow shape is a very soft arch with no real angular structure. This brow shape will soften very angular features and make wide points in the face seem narrower. This makes this brow shape perfect for a diamond face shape. Many celebrities with angular facial structures sport this brow – and it’s nothing short of gorgeous.


Turn your tweezers upside down and move them to a vertical position. Place them alongside the outside edge of the bottom of your nose. Mark the point where the tip meets your brows as this is the point where your brows should begin. Use your eye pencil to draw a vertical line to indicate the start of each brow.


Place the tweezers angled against your cheek with one end against the edge of your nose and the other end alongside the outer corner of your eye. Mark the spot where the tweezers cross your brow – this is where your brows should end. Pluck any hairs beyond this line.


Take your eyebrow pencil and draw a line following the underside of your brow from the fullest part. Make sure it follows the natural arch of your brow and is above any stray hairs. To find where the peak of your arch should be, imagine a line running from the base of your nose, past the outside of your pupil and up towards your brow. The peak of your arch should be where this line crosses your brow. Pluck any stray hairs and make sure your brow is around a quarter of an inch thick.

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