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There are many different types of filler on the market, more than 200 at present and this number is growing at a fast pace. Cheaper new brands from south Korea, Japan and Russia are emerging all  the time however due to their rapid market release often without proper testing and inspection and often not being of a high quantity they are not fillers I personally recommend or use. I believe any filler that I offer to a client should be a filler that I would be happy and prepared to have injected in myself. I only recommend and use hyaluronic fillers from renowned leading brands including Restylane, Teosyal and Juvederm. Hyaluronic fillers provide the most natural results, have no long-lasting effects and if necessary are able to be removed and dissolved using a special enzyme which this is not always possible with cheaper fillers.

Dermal fillers are an ideal cosmetic treatment if your face has lost firmness or fullness. Hyaluronic acid is a natural comparing of our skin which hydrates, reinforces collagen and elasticity and when I injected into the face give a younger, fresher appearance.

They smooth out wrinkles and folds working especially well on areas around the nose and mouth.it is also used to enhance lips, add definition or plump out cheeks. 

Prices from 0.5ml £150.00

1ml £225.00

Prices are depending on clients desired results, area of treatment and brand of filler used.


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