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More often than not, manicures and pedicures fall into the category of ‘pampering.’ Although it is certainly enjoyable to have your nails done, there are some excellent reasons why this should be more than just the occasional luxury experience. 

Perfectly polished hands and feet.

In fact, there are a number of health benefits to regularly investing in manicures and pedicures that go far beyond just aesthetics. This includes: 

1. Prevents infections.
If you don’t moisturise your skin on a regular basis, the dry skin on your feet is more prone to infection due to cracks that may form. Your therapist is able to scrub and exfoliate your feet to help soften and scrape off dead dry skin especially around the heel and big toe area.

Additionally, the clipping, cleaning and cutting of your toenails that take place during a pedicure will prevent your nails from growing inwards and causing an infection.

2. Promotes healthy blood circulation.
During a manicure and pedicure, you will receive a massage on your arms and hands, lower legs and feet. This will promote healthy blood circulation, reducing muscle tension, any pain you may be experiencing, and improving joint mobility.

Another benefit from foot massage is stimulating lymph flow. Your body has lymph nodes all over which are the tiny factories that help process and clean the toxins from your lymphatic fluid into the blood which then gets taken back through the veins to the heart to get cleaned.

3. Boosted nail health.
When you have regular manicures/pedicures, the chances of your nails developing fungi and other infections are greatly reduced. Also, the exfoliation that takes place during this appointment will remove any dead skin cells and encourage new cell growth, leaving your nails stronger and healthier.

By buffing your nails it doesn’t just make them look nice and shiny, but is also important to stimulate blood flow to the area. Blood carries the nutrients which are vital for nail health and growth.  Even if you wear your nails clipped short, good nail growth can be a sign of good nail health.

4. Reduction in back pain.
You may be familiar with the calluses that form on the soles of your feet. Besides being frustrating and painful, these can also affect your body weight distribution and cause back pain. During a pedicure, your technician can exfoliate and deep clean your feet to prevent calluses and help eliminate any pain you may have.

5. It can make your hands and feet look younger.
Manicures and pedicures improve blood flow, which is important in reducing cellulite, tightening your skin, and strengthening your muscles — all of which can improve the visible appearance of your hands and feet.

6. Improved mental health.
 One of the most important benefits is the feel good factor. 

Whether it’s a particularly stressful day or a hectic week, taking the time to treat yourself with a manicure/pedicure can do wonders for your stress levels! The massage, relaxing experience, and pampering will free your mind from any tension, boosting your mental health.

It’s amazing how your hands and feet, when treated, can make you feel so good about yourself and give a real confidence boost, along with feeling relaxed and pampered.

Fun nail polish colours

And now that we’ve covered the health benefits, lets not forget the following facts:

1.  Appearance.  
Having nice groomed, polished fingers & toes are always nice and can make you feel sexy and sleek when wearing a nice pair of open-toe shoes or sandals.

2. Colours. Nail polishes are fun and there are loads of colours to play with.  With colours to fit any season or any occasion, your therapist will also use a base coat to protect your nail plate from getting stained.  A top coat will also be used to help lock in your colour and help the polish last longer.

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