Our Iconic latex free blending make-up sponge is perfect for getting the best face coverage. We bring you further tips on how to use it in this blog.

Blender sponges are designed to get wet and depending on how wet you get it, it will determine your perfect finish. For a sheer, light, natural finish from your foundation then use the sponge damp. If you want to achieve a fuller coverage from your foundation then use the sponge dry.The idea is not to be too heavy handed with your sponge or you will end up smearing the make-up around your face. Instead use it to blend by dabbing and twisting it.

Your blender is shaped for a reason. Use the pointier edge for smaller areas that need precision (eg. sides of the nose) and the rounder edges for larger surface areas.

We would recommend you change your blender every 3 months but in the meantime make sure you clean it in between uses. A little baby shampoo and water is a great way to do this.

Our Iconic latex blending make-up sponge can be bought here for £7.95.