LED Light Therapy Facial


    Photon Therapy Technology combines 7 colours LED light which has different wave lengths for light treatment for skins problems, helping to regain a youthful look.


    By using this high quality photodynamic skin care beauty device we can effectively :-

    Accelerate skin circulation

    Enhance elasticity within the skin

    Diminish wrinkles and fine lines

    Shrink pores

    Improve oily skin

    Deep clean pores

    Lighten pigmentation

    Fade spots

    Repair the skin

    Deeply nourish the skin


    The treatment has no side effects of redness or sensitivity and is totally safe.  

    LED Light Therapy Treatment

     A facial in its own right. Cleanse, tone, exfoliate, LED Light Therapy, moisturise.

    30 minutes £34.50

    (These prices are at our therapist level. For treatments with our senior therapist add £5.00)

    Add On

    Upgrade your Elemis facial with the LED Light Therapy

    15 minutes £10.50

    Yellow Light Therapy

    Improves erythema and redness.

    RED Light Therapy

    Rejuvenation. Llighten wrinkles and acne marks.

    Green Light Therapy

    Deep repair and white skin rejuvenation

    Blue Light Therapy

    Balanced secretion and controls grease.

    Purple Light Therapy

    Repairing acne and lightening spots.

    Blue And Green Light Therapy

    Calming skin and balancing secretion.

    White Light Therapy

    Decomposition stain and improves fine lines.