Skin Care for Your 50s

The products you’ve used faithfully over the years may suddenly cause your skin to rebel. Hormonal shifts during this decade (for women) can cause major changes in the skin. It’s time for a complete skin care overhaul.

Changes You May See

Your skin may, seemingly overnight, become very dry and dehydrated. It may seem more rough than typical too.

Ladies, it’s normal to see an increase in facial hair on the upper lip, chin, and around the sideburns. Threading, waxing, or dermaplaning are good choices for hair removal.

Be on the lookout for actinic keratoses: rough, scaly patches or bumps. These common precancerous growths should be treated by your physician.

Key Ingredients This Decade: Plant Stem Cells

If signs of ageing are bothering you, it’s time to bring in the big guns. Plant stem cells are incredibly effective anti-agers. This nature-derived ingredient is a beneficial part of skin care and something you want to start paying attention to when it comes to your anti-aging routine. Using products that contain plant stem cells can help keep your skin looking young by fighting off wrinkles, protecting against sun damage and reducing inflammation. 

Products to Add to Your Routine: Night Cream

Because your skin is likely feeling dry and dehydrated, a thicker night cream may be in order. You can get away with wearing a heavier product than you can during the day since you don’t need to worry about oily shine.

Tips for Your 50s

  • If your current cleanser is drying out your skin, switch to a cleansing balm or a richer cleansing lotion. These products are more emollient and less stripping than traditional foaming cleansers.
  • Start doing monthly self-exams for skin cancer. Look for any changes in moles, rough scaly patches or sores that aren’t healing, and any new bumps or growths. Let your physician know of any changes you find.
  • Watch out for highly-fragranced products. Your skin may become more sensitive to fragrance now, even in products you’ve used for ages. If your skin is showing signs of irritation, switch to fragrance-free products to see if it helps.

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