Skin Care for Your 60s and Beyond

Gentle, emollient skin care is the goal now. Keeping your skin well moisturised not only helps it look and feel better, but also helps keep it in good condition. Ditch any product that seems to irritate your skin in favour of soothing alternatives.

Changes You May See

Even if you’ve never smoked a day in your life, you may notice lines forming around your lips. Age spots (AKA sun damage) may become more prominent.

Because the subcutaneous layer beneath your skin continues to thin, you may notice your skin is much more delicate than it used to be. You’ll be more prone to bruising and scrapes and, because the skin repairs itself more slowly now those injuries will take longer to heal. You may also notice you sweat less because sweat glands shrink and become less effective.

The vast majority of people over 60 also develop seborrheic keratoses. Also called skin barnacles, these growths may look worrisome but are completely benign.

Key Ingredients This Decade: Plant Oils

Plant oils are packed with goodness that our skin understands, recognises and knows how to instantly metabolise. Plant oils are essentially clean eating for our skin: they provide the most nutrition – and the healthiest – we could want to feed our skin. Thanks to the small molecular structure of natural plant oils, and their high EFA (essential fatty acid), vitamin and antioxidant content, they can penetrate deep below the skin’s lipid barrier to deliver moisture and skin nutrition for cell regeneration to work at its optimum.

Products to Add to Your Routine: Facial Oil

Do you feel like your skin is dull and dry looking, even after gently exfoliating and moisturising? Facial oils can give that dewy look to the skin and may help seal in moisture too. Choose a fragrance-free brand if you’re prone to sensitive skin.

Tips for Your 60s and Beyond

  • Protect your skin’s natural barrier: Don’t take showers that are too hot or soak in the tub for too long. This can dry out your skin. After bathing, slather on moisturiser and body lotion.
  • Don’t over-exfoliate. If your regular routine of alpha hydroxy acids or retinoids starts to irritate your skin, try backing off use to every other day or just a couple of times per week instead.

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