Skin Care for Your 30s

It’s best to start on an anti-aging routine before you start noticing those fine lines and wrinkles. So your 30s is the perfect time to add those into your skincare routine.

Changes You May See

You’ll probably enter your 30s without seeing much change in your skin, especially if you’ve been diligent with your skincare routine. But beneath the surface some of the fat stores diminish, making your face look slightly less rounded and leaner. Collagen and elastin fibres begin to break down, and there is a reduction of the number of melanocytes produced.

In your 30s you might notice a sallowness and dullness creeping into your skin tone, as cell turnover rates slow. Once you hit your mid-30s, fine lines—especially around the eye area—make their appearance.

Rosacea also commonly appears at this age and can be mistaken for adult acne. With rosacea, though, redness and flushing come and go especially when you eat spicy foods or drink warm beverages. If you think you may have rosacea, have it checked out by a doctor.

Key Ingredients This Decade: Alpha Hydroxy Acid

‘AHA’ in particular lactic acid and glycolic acid helps boost collagen production, speeds up cell turnover, reduces fine lines and makes your complexion look brighter. It may also help stave off signs of ageing. Look for AHA in your exfoliator along with in your leave-on treatments like moisturisers and serums.

Products to Add to Your Routine: Eye Cream

If you haven’t already, it’s time to add an eye cream to your daily routine. The thin skin around your eyes is the first to show signs of ageing. It’s also prone to drying out.

Tips for Your 30s

  • Don’t forget about your neck. Your neck is second only to the eyes when it comes to showing signs of ageing. Whatever products you use on your face, also apply them to your neck and chest (cleansers, moisturisers, sunscreen and the like).
  • Eat your fruits and veggies to combat sallowness from the inside out. Carotenoids are responsible for giving fruits and vegetables their gorgeous colours, and they give our skin a bright, healthy colour as well. Another reason to eat more veggies!
  • Exercise also brightens your complexion by increasing circulation and creating a rosy glow.

Treatments for you 




Recommended Skincare 

Early 30’s – ELEMIS PEPTIDE 24/7

Inspired by the body’s miraculous inner clock and formulated to support tired complexions, our skin renewing Peptide 24/7 range is made to target the look of tired skin and help you achieve a well-rested glow, around the clock.


Lack-lustre complexions can increasingly mask the vibrant skin that lies beneath them. Use the ELEMIS Dynamic Resurfacing range with patented Tri-Enzyme technology to reveal fresher, brighter skin and restore even skin tone, whilst helping boost the natural exfoliation cycle.