During this lockdown period, like a lot of people, I have been trying to juggle family life, work and home schooling all whilst in the confines of my house. It’s been different to put it lightly but have enjoyed it and my children have learnt a lot about cleaning and allotment life where, whilst the weather has been so fine, we have taken full advantage to try and stretch our legs and also our personal space.


When the salons closed all those weeks ago the work did not. Both the hair and beauty teams were hard at work behind the scenes cleaning, decorating, keeping in contact with clients and researching how to re open safely.  As we move closer and closer to the opening dates, especially for the hair salon, the hairdressers and beauty therapists are itching to see all their clients and start doing what they do best. Treatments!


Now I know I’m slightly biased but I cannot wait for the salons to re open. Not only to be working with the teams and seeing clients again but selfishly I need someone to do the treatments on me.  Oh how I can’t wait to have treatments again. I’ve been doing my best to maintain myself, I’ve been doing my nails at home whilst the dog tries to sit on my lap, I’ve been waxing my legs whilst my eldest daughter looks at me gone out and I’ve been sneaking upstairs to try and take a bath in peace for 10 minutes with a face mask on only to get a knock at the door because someone needs something. It’s just not quite the same as going to the salon for so many reasons.


Firstly – Quality.

I’ve been in the beauty industry for 20 years and I’d like to think I’m pretty good at doing treatments on myself after all the practice I’ve had but I can never paint my right hand quite as well as my left, waxing takes forever as I must count to 3 5 times before I take each strip off and getting the angles right is not pretty and as much as I can do all the stages of facial I can’t do the massage or professional mask on myself, it’s not the relaxing experience I would like it to be. I haven’t got the choice of nail colours, I haven’t got the choice of products if I feel my skin needs something a bit different (and over lockdown my skin has changed a lot due to stress, the sun, change of routine. Did I mention the stress?)


Secondly and personally as important – Well being.

It dawned upon me a few weeks ago that it’s not just about the quality of treatments that I am missing. It’s the me time. I had my first child free time last week in 13 weeks when both girls went back to school 2 days a week and I made the most of it. I went shopping on my own, I cleaned the house in peace and I drank a hot cup of tea. I even returned emails that hadn’t even been opened for weeks.

It’s the me time I think I’ve missed the most. When I go into work for treatments on my day off I enter the salon as a client. I leave my worries and stresses at the door and go and sit down and start to relax. We don’t talk about work whilst having the treatments, the team just let me relax and spend the time pampering me whilst I let the world pass me by, just for a short time but for me it’s enough to recharge my batteries ready to face the world again.


Please don’t get me started on my hair.  I am no hairdresser! I have not coloured anyone’s hair including my own in years. It never looked quite the same and as much as home colour systems have advanced over the years friends have commented on the speed of colour loss or the condition of their hair over time so I’m not going to try now, I’ll just hold on that little longer. I am quite a nervous hair client (just ask Gareth) and as it is quite short the thought of someone cutting my hair to ‘get me by’ would terrify me. As much as hair salons seem busier and louder than beauty salons (by design beauty salons are set to be quieter and more peaceful) this is where I really do relax. The time away from my phone, the colour developing time when I sit and read a magazine, the hair cut where I literally feel the stress being lifted away with every snip. And the feeling of stepping out of the salon a new person. It’s euphoric.


So you see for me I’m not paying for just a treatment, I’m making time for myself that I do not seem to find at home. I’m investing in my sanity and my confidence so I can manage other aspects of my life so much more easily.


And therefore when you walk back through our salon doors for your treatment, please rest assured that we know that the next hour or two is far more than a frivolity, it is an essential part of maintaining who you are, physically and mentally and we feel privileged to be able to help you in what ever way we can.