Looking after your skin 60+

Looking after your skin in your 60s and beyond

Be gentle to your skin, after all it’s as old as you are and deserves some respect! Gentle, moisturising skin care is your best option. Keeping your skin well moisturised not only helps it look and feel better, but also helps keep it in good condition. Stop using anything that irritates your skin in favour of soothing natural alternatives.

What you might notice

You will inevitably see more lines on your face and you may notice some lines forming round your lips. Any age spots and sun damage will become more noticeable. Your skin will continue to become thinner and it will be more delicate. You will notice that your skin bruises and scratches more easily and these injuries may take longer to heal.  Most people over 60 also develop seborrheic keratoses. Also called skin barnacles, these growths may look worrying but are completely harmless.

Key skincare element this decade: Plant Oils

Plant oils are so good for our skin because they are full of goodness that our skin understands, recognises and knows how to instantly use. Thanks to the small molecular structure of natural plant oils, and their high EFA (essential fatty acid), vitamin and antioxidant content, they can penetrate deep below the skin’s lipid barrier to deliver moisture and skin nutrition for optimum cell regeneration.

Best product for this decade: Facial Oil

If you feel like your skin is dry and dull, even after moisturising then you could consider using a facial oil. Think about choosing a fragrance-free option if your skin is sensitive.

Top tips for Your 60s and Beyond

Think about your skin’s natural barrier and don’t use water that is too hot in the shower or bath. After bathing, use lots of moisturiser and body lotion and don’t over-exfoliate.

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Recommended Skincare 


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