Looking after your skin in your 50’s

Women in their 50s are entering the prime of their lives but this is another period of change for your skin. Hormonal shifts can cause your skin to change and some products that you have used for years may no longer suit you. Now is the time to treat yourself to a brand new skincare regime.

What you might notice

Your skin may become very dry and dehydrated. The surface may also seem rougher. You may notice more facial hair on your upper lip, chin and sideburns. We can help you with this in the salon with threading, waxing or dermaplaning.

Key skincare element this decade: Plant Stem Cells

If you are still keen to fight to signs of aging then you can start to include plant stem cells in your skincare routine. They can help to reduce inflammation, fight wrinkles and protect against sun damage.

Best product for this decade: Night Cream

To combat your skin feeling dry and dehydrated, you could start to use a a thicker cream at night. You can get away with wearing a heavier product than you can during the day since you don’t need to worry about an oily shine.

Top tips for your 50s

Switch to a cleansing balm or a richer cleansing lotion. These products are more moisturising and will strip your skin of moisture less than traditional foaming cleansers. You might also want to consider keeping an eye on any moles, rough patches or sores that are not healing as well as they would do normally. Ask your doctor about any changes you find. Watch out for highly-fragranced products. Your skin may become more sensitive to fragrance now, even in products you’ve used for a long time. If your skin is showing signs of irritation, switch to fragrance-free products to see if it helps.

Treatments that Iconic would recommend for you.




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