What’s so special about aromatherapy and the massages that are performed with it?


We all know a little bit about aromatherapy and use it in day to day life more than you may realise. The list of benefits is endless and used in the right way the impact can be astonishing.


The origin of aromatherapy is unknown but the Egyptians were well known for using it in all areas of their lives, and after. It was used in health, in death, as currency and the list continues. Followed by the Greeks who took the Egyptian’s knowledge and developed it even further. The word ‘Aromatherapy’ wasn’t technically invented until the 1930’s when a french chemist burnt himself in his kitchen and the closest thing to hand was lavender infused water that he was cooking with. He found that the healing process was shortened considerably which spiked his curiosity.


The science bit. Aromatherapy, also known as essential oil therapy. It is a mix of art and science. It is the use of the essential oils from plants and herbs to heal the mind and body.  Essential oils in their raw form are potent and come in different grades. The grading system has a couple of factors – the quality of the ingredients that the oils are being extracted from and the strength of the oils once extracted. I know I say it a lot but I honestly believe to a degree you get what you pay for. The strongest and purest essential oils will always be premium prices whereas your weaker, diluted oils will be cheaper but more readily available on the high street.  Essential oil molecules are particularly small and are one of the only natural ingredients that can penetrate so deep within the body it can enter the lymph drainage system and beyond which is why it is such an important ingredient within the skincare industry.


Uses. The list is endless. We use it in so many and for so many different things. In every day life, skincare, candles, fragrances, deodorants, diffusers all can contain forms of essential oils and nowadays can be used in cooking, if you know what you’re doing. (Disclaimer – don’t use them if you don’t know what you’re doing).


Aromatherapy and massage. When I was training at college I’ll always remember the list of essential oils we could use to massage with and the categories of top, middle and base notes. We were to choose one oil out of each category to treat the needs of the client and blend with a carrier oil at the beginning of the treatment. Once blended the top notes are usually the first you will smell, they are light, uplifting but don’t overpower the mixture. The middle notes are the body of the blend with warmth and comfort. And finally the base notes are the deepest smell lasting well beyond the treatment itself. The idea behind the treatment is twofold. It is the use of light pressure movements to smooth the oils over the skin working the product in whilst relaxing the muscles and working on key areas. The other is to stimulate the olfactory system which in turn triggers the brain’s limbic system which is linked to your emotions, memory and behaviour.


At Iconic our sole purpose is to make you feel the best you possibly can physically and mentally. We are here for the highs and the lows, the good times and the bad times. If you would like to know anymore about the treatments we provide please visit our Aromatherapy Page or contact us direct to speak to one of our fully qualified therapists.



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