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What you’ll need; 

* Acetone

* Foil 

* Cotton pads/balls 

* Nail file 

* Cuticle oil 

* Orange wood stick 

Step 1 – gently and slowly file the surface of the nails to remove the shine. 

Step 2- break the cotton pad/balls into small pieces and have your foil ready, each piece of foil should roughly be around 3inches x 3 inches. 

Step 3 – saturate the cotton pad in acetone, place onto the nail and one at a time, wrap each nail with foil individually making sure it’s secure. 

Step 4 – once all your nails are wrapped leave for 10-15 minutes (keeping your hands warm will help the process quicker) 

Step 5 – one at a time, remove the foil and cotton pad adding a little pressure. The gel polish should have started to lift and come away from the nail. You can use an orange wood stick to gently remove any small amounts of gel left by working under the gel to lift it off the nail plate. If a lot of gel is left on the nail repeat the soaking process and leave for a further 5 minutes. 

Step 6- once all the gel has been removed, saturate the nails in cuticle oil to rehydrate the nail, repeat this step as much as you like throughout the day and repeat daily.

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