Iconic Beautique Pedicure Trio


 WORTH £45.50

This unique Trio Pedicure set contains three highly effective products that will transform feet and keep them looking and feeling fabulous all year round.


Iconic Beautique foot soak, Anti-inflammatory and hydrating peppermint and lavender oil soothe dry, cracked, sore skin. Ideal for those who suffer from odour, sweating or hygiene-related foot condition

Iconic Beautique Foot Scrub, Never underestimate the benefit of using a foot scrub to bring dull, dry skin and problem feet back to life.

Iconic BeautiquecIntensive Hydrating Foot Lotion, This super, silky, light and non-greasy “walking on air” foot lotion will transform your feet in an instant. Use every day to hydrate, illuminate and soften the skin of the feet, and to reduce hard skin build-up.



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