Iconic Beautique Trio Manicure Set


WORTH £37.00

This unique Trio Manicure set contains three highly effective products that will transform hands and keep them looking and feeling fabulous all year round.



Iconic Beautique Hand Soak, Honey and Almond Anti Bacterial Hand Cleanse. The perfect preparation for any manicure designed to cleanse and relax the hands leaves hands feeling soft and supple.

Iconic Beautique Coffe Hand Scrub refine your skin with this gently yet effectively exfoliates the skin for a smoother, healthier and softer appearance

Iconic Beautique Moisturising Hand Treatment A luxurious vitamin E treatment Instantly hydrates and plumps the skin, improves skin firmness, elasticity levels and boosts the skin’s moisture levels. The hand lotion is beautifully scented with cherries.



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